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Monday, March 22, 2010

Collections & Objects of love.

I'm a fan of Sibella Court - her work just resonates with me.
I love the whole bohemian feel. 
Collections always have a story of their own
just waiting to be told.

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Way back in the beginning...

Colour & design have always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, right from those days when I was in nappies!! (or so my mum tells me). Friends say that my home resembles a museum - always something changing and new on show. I enjoy anything arty /crafty.

Over the years I have delved into pottery (wheel / hand /sawdust fired ...), hand painted and designed ceramics and wall tiles, enamelling, wall murals, batik painting, silk painting & garment design/construction (sold many of my designs to shops / galleries and private customers), painting, hand painted canvas floor rugs, silk screen design & printing, hand painted and appliquéd clothing, beading & jewellery design & construction (including wire-wrapped pendants), photography, styling and of course renovation, make-overs and interior design/decoration. One particular house had several rooms painted with a varying assortment of colours over the 6 years I lived there – greens, yellows, blues … (A can of paint = the quickest, cheapest, greatest impact a room can have).

I seek inspiration from all over … the colours of bark on the trunk of a tree (particularly after rain), the sky at sunrise / sunset, a rainbow, the ocean, a river, a pebble or shell, a rusty nail, lichen or moss, beach glass, the colours of petrol in a puddle of water, the colours of a rich ripe plum fig or tamirillo or a bowl of lemons, the wonderful colours of a peacock or the muted colours of the Australian bush. Inspiration is all around – you just have to open your eyes!!!!!